We all have a dream to change the world for the better. At St Peter’s we show & tell this with ‘a laboratory of civil society’ focussing on employment, health & creativity and in sharing good news

Public Leadership

Changing the world requires being intentional. We are hosting a series of four events with EAUK to give you skill and confidence to grow in Christian leadership (outside of a church context) and evolve a plan for transforming your context. Click above for more on this series.

Church planting

We’re planting a new local church along with our friends at KXC. It is being led by Tim May. We are at the planning and dreaming stage. Listen in here

Good news

That’s what is on offer, not just good advice.

In church and in homes we run Alpha. A simple way to encounter the Christian faith over a meal, a talk and a discussion. No strings attached. Try it. Get in touch.


Spear is a 6 week coaching-based course & 1 year programme for NEET 16-24s flourish in employment. Spear has amazingly impressive results in 6 London centres. We run Spear Bethnal Green.


We do community organising with Citizens UK. We build relationships, listen for issues & take action. One action was a Zebra Crossing over Warner Place. We won, and danced across with our neighbours…

To encourage more beauty - Local artists gather to exhibit with ‘The 2 Line Collective’